Neuropsychological Assessment and
Consultation Across the Lifespan

Archive for January 2017

What is a pediatric neuropsychologist?

A pediatric neuropsychologist is specially trained in the areas of cognition, language and behavioral functioning. Through consultation and testing, the neuropsychologist identifies a child’s specific strengths and weaknesses and makes recommendations that facilitate the child’s learning capacity and behavioral adjustment in academic and social settings.

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What is a neuropsychologist?

A neuropsychologist practices a subspecialty of psychology associated with assessing a variety of mental and neurological disorders. Neuropsychologists perform independent evaluations for parents, schools, hospitals and community agencies. They are also available to provide in-service workshops on a wide variety of topics, such as social skills training, cognitive impairment, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, traumatic…

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What is neuropsychology?

Neuropsychology is a field dedicated to the study of brain and behavior. It is a subspecialty of psychology dedicated to the relationship between the nervous system and mental functions, such as language, memory, learning and behavior.

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