General Questions

The neuropsychologists make this determination on a case-by-case basis.

We recommended that your child eat breakfast the morning of the evaluation. We also recommend that your child be well rested so that he/she will perform to the best of his/her ability.

It is also important to emotionally prepare your child for the day. Please contact the individual neuropsychologist for strategies and recommendations.

Provide your child a snack for break times, and, if needed, bring a transitional item (comfort item such as a favorite toy or book).

All paperwork needed is mailed prior to the appointment. It is important that All paperwork be mailed to LifeDimensions Neuropsychological Services, Inc., in advance of the appointment in order for the neuropsychologists to be better prepared for the evaluation. It is required you bring the patient’s insurance card at the time of the appointment, as well as the applicable co-pays, and additional forms that may be required such as guardianship papers. Please contact the medical secretary for additional information.

The evaluation typically begins between 8:30am and 9:00 am. The neuropsychologist may interview parents or family members while the patient begins the assessment process.

For children there may be one snack break in the morning session followed by a thirty-minute lunch break.

The patient is then asked to return from lunch to complete the assessment process.

In some cases, a follow-up appointment is needed in order to complete all testing and/or to review the results.

We encourage patients and family members to eat lunch within the hospital. Family members and parents are welcome to bring a prepared lunch or visit the fully functional cafeteria.

At LifeDimensions Neuropsychological Services, Inc., we try our best to complete an evaluation in one testing session. The amount of time varies based on the individual’s needs. However, evaluations typically take from two to six hours to complete.

Wait times may vary.

Please contact our medical secretary for further information.


If your child has had testing at his/her school within the past 16 months and you have concerns about or disagree with the school’s findings or recommendations, he/she may be eligible to receive further testing at LifeDimensions at your school system’s expense. Please contact us for further information.

Insurance companies’ policies differ regarding services that may not be covered or may require pre-authorization. Please contact your health insurance company to see if the evaluations you are requesting are covered or not.

Educationally-related questions or issues are not considered to be “medically necessary” by health insurers, and therefore, are not considered a covered service. These educational evaluations are NOT covered by insurance. Sometimes school systems agree to pay for these evaluations.
At LifeDimensions Neuropsychological Services, Inc., we accept many common insurance carriers. Please contact the medical secretary for further information. Please contact your insurance company to determine your coverage.

We accept a variety of common insurance providers. Please contact our medical secretary for additional information.

We also accept self-pay and payment provided by an individual’s school.